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Real testimonials from patients

I was amazed at the in-depth and sincere attention I was given from the doctor and every single assistant and therapist that worked for him. These people are amazing, educated, devoted and very, very informed in the job that they perform. I felt so comfortable it was almost like an extended family. Awesome experience. I honestly hate to leave; but they discharged me.
Victoria K.  — Nov. 4, 2013

"I wish to thank the therapy staff at Milan Physical Therapy for their friendliness, concern and treatments, this includes receptionist Demi, who always greeted me with a smile and cherry 'How are you doing today'. I especially want to thank Ryan for constantly trying to find treatments and exercises that would correct my problems and relieve my pain. This includes the exercise to help my breathing and shortness of breath. I do this exercise faithfully..."
Virginia H.  — Oct. 30, 2013

Great. Very very happy.
Thomas P  — 5/16/2013

Extremely satisfied with rehabilation of most painful injury to date in life!
All staff overwhelmly encouraging and professional in administering a comprehensive care program. MPT extremely flexible, understanding and accomodating in working with personal scheduling conflicts. Thank you!
Andrew B.  — 5/8/2013

I was and am very happy with your office and your ability to help me. I know if I could come there every day I would be a pain free person! Thank you for your onderful care.
Deborah W.  — 4/29/2013

Happy Happy Happy! Great staff. Highy recommend them!
Karen M.  — 4/17/2013

I would say very satisfied plus plus! Great staff and care. I would "highly" recommend this office.
Jacquelyn C.  — 2/18/2013

I miss you all!! Thanks for everything, feeling really good.
Karla B.  — 10/19/2012

I would highly recommend your facility! Eveyone was very helpful and nice, a pleasant facility.
Marilyn O.  — 8/29/2012

Extremely happy with my progress!! Happy to come over and over! Thank you Ryan! and Joanna!! and let's not forget Eduardo!! :)
Terese C.  — 8/22/2012

I found the staff to be very courteous and friendly. Will was very professional and very informative...I very much appreciate the philosophy of your office's approach to therapy and definately recommend to others. Time was spent explaining the exercises.
Michael M.  — 7/19/2012

Excellent people!! Great job!
Marty S.  — 7/19/2012

Treated "great" - had a very good theraist, he has "magic fingers"
Kathleen S.  — 7/18/2012

I would highly refer this facility.
Rambhai P.  — 7/9/2012

I was very happy wih my therapy, I would recommend anyone looking for any kind of physcal therapy to contact Milan Physical Therapy. The staff is caring, friendly and concerned about "you", they never get in a hurry and make sure that you understand what they are showing you.
Annette B.  — 6/28/012

I was impressed with the kindness and professionalism of the staff. I was very satisfied with the work of my therapist. I will return if I have more difficulty. I would strongly recommend this facility to others.
Elizabeth D.  — 6/26/12

I am really satisfied with the work they have done. They are an awsome bunch of people. Everyone was really nice and super helpful. Ryan was the best, he was really good. Thank you for the wonderful service.
Delilah C.  — 5/25/2012

Overall wonderful experience - extremely patient therapist and staff. Over the top with accomodating schedules and therapies. Very understanding of goals and helping to achieve them. Thanks to all
Kirsten F.  — 4/17/2012

Ryan was very professional with me in my treatments and extremely helpful getting me in good condition.
All the girls were great and very helpful and courteous!
Barbara B.  — 4/10/2012

very satisfied with treatment, for any future P.T. I will certainly return to Milan Physical Therapy
Patricia B.  — 4/10/2012

I was treated like family. They listened to what I said and worked it into my therapy. They make PT fun!
Bryan V.  — 3/272012

"treated with respect and given exercises to challenge me to get better - which it did."
Thank you!
Cheryl W.  — 3/20/2012

"outstanding courtesy and respect shown by staff, very happy with staff; thank you very much"
Steven W.  — 3/19/2012

I love you guys. My experience at MPT was outstanding. Thanks so much for getting me back on my feet, I'll be in soon to do my Step Down at 24-7. Looking forward to seeing you all! Husband will be needing PT for knees soon. Hope to get him in there! Thanks, God bless. :-)
Marilyn B.  — 2/14/2012

My dear widowed father is under Dr. Enriquez care. Dad suffers from Post Polio Syndrome which he has had since childhood. As he ages things seem to be getting more challenging for him. It is because of Milan Physical Therapy's advanced knowledge and caring attitude for my dear father, he was able to visit the Grand Canyon. On Jan. 17th we celebrated his 83rd Birthday at the Grand Canyon, which was his life long dream. It was a glorious day we shall never forget. The smile on his face as he gazed over the rail of the Grand Canyon, with the long trail behind him he had just walked, I shall never forget. Thank you Milan Physical Therapy, Dr. Enriquez and staff for helping to make my father's dream a reality. You were an answer to prayer. May the Lord continue to bless you for the wonderful care you give so many others.
Tina D  — March 2012

The staff was wonderful; kind, encouraging, helpful and supportive. I'm so happy with the results of my therapy.
Deborah E  — 3/1/12

"Hi Everyone, Thank you all so very much. You all are very special. You help me so much. I'll stop by some day and say hello. Thanks. Love"
Dolores  — 2/2012

Very helpful & knowledgeable
Thank you!!! :-)
Sara L.  — 2/22/012

Appointments absolutely, extremely flexible & accommodatng. Staff always pleasant, friendly & helpful. Very satisfied.
Andrew B.  — 2/14/2012

Happy with the people and the care given to me! :-)
Mary M.  — 1/17/12

Treated at Milan Physical Therapy and received fantastic treatment.
Carolyn M.  — 1/11/12

Thank you for helping me work through a painful injury and rehabing the injury to recovery. Everyone on staff worked and provided a professional & respectful service!! Very flexible in scheduling. Would recommend and have recommended MPT to friends! Thank You Again!
Andy B.  — 12/30/11

I would recommend others with similar problems to acheive a stronger, healther endurance to better health issues. Thank You All
Dagmar P.  — 12/5/11

Ryan-No Swelling!! I'm doing great. You helped me!
Marion D.  — 

I was helped very much. Very pleased with the help I received, very very pleased with the progress I made.
Todd J.  — 11/4/2011

This has been a wonderful experience for me! Everyone has been so helpful and friendly. Doc, Kim and Joanna have all made me feel welcome and always made me feel they cared.
Now, let me tell you about Ryan. He helped me so much to get better. He explained every exercise, muscle and why he was doing whatever he happened to be doing to improve my shoulder. He always made me feel that I was his only patient and that he cared what I had to say and how I was feeling. I always walked out feeling so much better than when I walked in.
It always amazed me how everyone in the office knew all the patients names and asked how they all were doing!
It is with mixed feelings that I have been "cured" by Milan Physical Therapy. I am happy that my shoulder is so much better, but after about 4 months I am going to miss everyone.
Kathryn V.  — 10/24/2011

Treated with respect, challanged and found the therapy interesting and helpful.
Patricia M.  — 1014/2011

I would recommend this clinic to everyone without reservation.
Cynthia F.  — 10/14/2011

"Really satisfied you all were over and above my expectations. Thank you."
Mary (Lynn) B.  — 9/13/11

I am very happy with the therapy I have received here! Doc and all assistants were pleasant and very courteous. I would totally recommend this facility to family and friends. A very pleasant exprience overall! Thank you to everyone!
Carolyn V.  — 8/25/11

Thank you to everyone at Milan Physical Therapy! I felt such a great sense of relaxation coming here. I was able to get appointment times I needed and had a very good time while in treatment; not usually the case when you're in pain. I'm doing so much better now!
Kimberly A.  — 8/5/11

All staff have great positive attitudes and treated me with respect and compassion. The therapist who worked with me listened and responded by designing an individual treatment plan that specifically addressed my concerns. I am very pleased with the treatment provided by Milan Physical Therapy.
Julie Z.  — 8/5/11

Helped very much. I feel so much better now. Thank you all so much.
Frances P.  — 8/3/11

Pleased with progress of my healing. My confidence improved as I let the therapists teach me about the procedures necessary for my condition. The entire staff was so nice to me - being a timid patient - I applaud them for their patience and professionalism.
Katherine B.  — 7/5/11

Very Satisfied. Best place for therapy. Would recommend here to everyone with problems.
Donna K.  — 7/29/11

Dr Eduardo Enriquez and staff,

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for giving me back my health. In fact I feel better than I have for about 15 years.

Dedicated to famly, work and volunteer work in my community, I took less and less care of my personal self as far as staying in shape.

In 2009 I thought I was a candidate for knee replacement, only to find I had atrophied thigh due to some other medical issues and had slacked off on exercises. With Milan Physical Therapy's expert guidance not only did my knee get much better but I started working out in Say Yes Fitness in 2010 assuming that if one set of muscles could be getting weak so could others.

Today I walked my first 5K ever, because I can! And I fnished second in my age group. OK, there were only two of us but we walked about a 15 mile pace, not a bad turn around in one year.

In July I will sign up for my second year of membership! I encourage others in the area to discover the help Say Yes Fitness can be to their own journey to becoming more fit.
Jerry  — 5/14/11

Thank you so much for all your help and care. I always felt like I was personally cared for. My recovery was great, and I feel so much better. I got all your staff coffee & mugs. When I am recommending you to everyone Ė you will go through lots of coffee keeping up with everyone. Thanks again,
Julie  — Winter 2010

To Milan Physical Therapy, This survey is good but not personal. I wanted to let you all know that I have been treated here with the utmost care! I feel like everyone here has a personal stake in my recovery both physically and emotionally. You all have made me feel good in more ways than just physically! Itís that personal touch that heals too! Thank you!
Yvonne  — Fall 2010

My experience at Milan Physical Therapy has been very satisfactory. Itís very friendly, clean and they are very good at what they do. Iíve come in here at times and not even been able to walk. My back goes out. Itís only a matter of time before they have me up and out. Thank you all very much.
Bobbie Ann  — Winter 2010

After several months and many disappointing appointments elsewhere the only results for my torn ankle tendons was to wear an orthodic brace which showed no results or surgery I choose not to have. Then I decided that therapy with Dr. Eduardo and his staff would be my next step. After 2 months of therapy my ankle pain has diminished. Iíd like to thank Dr. Eduardo and his staff for all their kindness and knowledge for me to walk pain free once again.
Pat  — Winter 2010

During the summer of 2010, I had the distinct privilege of receiving physical therapy treatments for shoulder, back and neck problems as a result of a few major falls and two major surgeries within the past thirteen years. Without question, it was due to major daily pain within my body that caused me to retire in 2004 at the age of fifty-eight. Also, it was my frustrations with previous physical therapy settings that I had determined never to enter the doors of a physical therapy establishment as long as I lived. The care, concern, and professionalism given to me here has made a huge difference in my daily life. I highly recommend others to the one and only competent Milan Physical Therapy of Milan, MI. Know this, I was not a physical therapy dropout on this second round. Dr. Eduardo Enriquez and staff are to be highly commended for making a huge difference in my life.
Raymond, One Grateful Client  — Fall 2010

I was recommended to Milan Physical Therapy by my doctor in Milan. I had injured my back muscles, to a point of pain that I could not tie my shoes, carry groceries and I even had to discontinue exercising at my fitness center. The entire staff was very kind and caring. When you are there, you feel like you are the only one being cared for, they give all of their attention. Miss Desai, the physical therapist was professional, knowledgeable and skilled; Joanna, the aide was the kindest person ever; they all worked hard to do a perfect job. After two months I was feeling much better. I am now back to my fitness center, I am fully aware of what caused the injury, how to become stronger in the problem areas and also things to do to avoid it happening again. It was a complete package. I highly recommend Milan Physical Therapy for the personalized care as well as the professional healing that comes from therapy.
Julie  — Fall 2010